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Dr. December Love also known as ImLadyLove is an author, motivational speaker, producer, podcast host of Love Now, and creative entrepreneur.  Dr. Love has been in the media game for over 20 years. Her expertise ranges from web and t-shirt design to full media production.  Her work in ministry and media has been ongoing for more than a decade.  She has a passion for helping others understand how to create a balance between media, marketplace, and ministry. Her message is always wrapped in love as she brings any subject to light.  


A true transparency advocate, she has taken a stance to help others come to see their true self and overcome the things that keep them behind.  Love conquers all and that is her main message.  What does love have to do with it you ask?  Everything!  Dr. Love finds a way to show how love connects us and understanding love will change your life forever.

Dr. Love has been married for more than 19 years to Leonard Love II and is honored to be the mother of three beautiful children Jasmine, Gabrielle, and Leonard III.  She is the proud daughter of Carolyn Telfare and Amin Muhammad. The Daughter in Love of Drs. Leonard and Carolyn Love. 

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